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Mar 5, 2013

Corruption, Big Brother & Your Privacy


    Instigation, Manipulation, Demands & Mandates. These 4 things are what Government does, & does well. With the overriding situation of Sequestration being drilled into our consciousness by both parties. Democrats such as Obama say that the Sequestration is nothing more than "Dumb"& "Arbitrary" & then goes on to claim that  Republicans are "Inflexible", yet Obama's solution to solving the Sequestration issue is simple (and predictable)... Raising Taxes, AGAIN! This tells the tale that Obama is lying simply on the basis that if it's truly an "Arbitrary" issue, why raise taxes? Simple, that's how they keep you on your knees. If they have your money, you miss financial opportunities that you would have otherwise been able to seize upon and they can't have that. No, that wouldn't help line their pockets and funnel Billions of YOUR dollars into their pockets.

Greedy Politicians Lining Their Pockets

This Sequestration issue is tearing the Republican Party apart from the inside out.. You have long term GOP members that are "Defense Hawks" who gained power by supporting the Military Industrial Complex at every single opportunity, while new Republican wear another badge. These new Republicans gained power by shouting from the hilltops that they are Fiscal Conservatives, and these 2 mindsets directly conflict with each other, and the liberals are playing the Republicans like a fiddle. If the GOP continues to have internal conflict like this, it can't mount an effective defense against the liberal scourge that has infected your country, and the Liberals know it. Unfortunately, the GOP can't see what is in front of it's own face.

Now, another thing to remember in the fog of all this political garbage, is that you have hundreds of thousands of families all around our nation that are RELIANT on that Government paycheck. Now, Take into account that DHS just released over 2,000 Illegal Immigrants BEFORE the sequestration even BEGAN (a political Stunt?) because they want to say we can't afford to keep them. All the while, new Federal Prisons are still being built. New Federal Buildings are also still being built as well. And the icing to the cake... DHS purchased 2,700 new Light Armored Vehicles this week. Ask yourself, what could their priorities possibly be? because it doesn't seem to be your welfare at this point.

If you really want some more icing on that Liberal cake? While paychecks are getting cut, We are giving Egypt $250 Million Dollars. We are also shielding funds being sent to Israel from being effected by the Sequester & let's not forget we are giving $60+ Million to Syrian Rebels. It defiantly sounds like we got our priorities out of whack doesn't it.

Barack Obama & Tiger Woods

And let's not forget to mention Obama's Most recent golfing trip with the Oh So Honorable Tiger Woods. This Trip cost as much as 341 Federal Workers whos salaries who will be Furloughed due liberal social policies. So make sure to tell your local teacher you can't afford the field trip money for your child because your President likes to golf with celebrities & people 4k miles away needs that money more than your local schools do. They would most likely think YOU are the crazy one, but in reality, it's your lawmakers who are undermining your financial security & misappropriating funds that should be spent here at home in my opinion.

You get your taxes raised, tax cuts revoked,  less police & fire safety, more teacher reductions, and your benefits cut. But Your Government thinks it's OK to sacrifice YOUR job, your salary, your education & safety of your family. And to refer back to what was said earlier, in some sick act of nepotism they put its citizens in jeopardy by releasing known violent criminals back into society as a political stunt as justification for continuing their out of control spending habits for social programs they KNOW cost money they don't have. Sound Back Asswards?  It is...


Let's change course for a moment. With the early release of Former Senator, Thomas Bromwell from federal prison (Convicted on Corruption Charges) I want to explain what the problem is, and possibly give you insight on how other nations have solved the problem, or at least, how they have taken proactive measures to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

This Senator is KNOWN to have done the following...
  • Paid his wife (Mary Patricia Bromwell) $192,923 for a "No-Show" job
  • Used $85,000+ of public funds on construction of his personal home
  • Awarded a $1.3 Million Dollar Contract to a company that paid Bromwell to bring in business
  • Accepted free labor and materials to his construction company for bribes
  • Assisted W. David Stoffregren, former CEO of Pool & Kent (P&K) in awarding Government Contracts that they profited $1.8 Million from. (Mr. Stoffregren was Convicted as well)
  • Used the Maryland's Comptrollers Office to Expedite Payments to P&K for work performed on a Juvenile Justice Projects.
  • Intervened in Payment Disputed concerning corrupt projects (To cover his ass)
Thomas & Mary Bromwell (Found Guilty of Corruption)
Now, we know he did this, and possibly much more, and he only got 7 years. Knowing that, he is being released early. Sound like justice was served? The above are just a few of the things he was PROVEN to do. There is much more we can assume we will never discover, and he will NEVER admit to. You can bet your ass on that. His violation of YOUR trust, and his abuse of YOUR money is disgraceful to anyone that has ever, or ever will hold public office in the future. If I was in charge he would rot in that cell, never to see daylight again.

If you think my words regarding Mr. Bromwell's actions are harsh, imagine how the Iranian bankers who are going to be executed for mishandling appropriated funds, corruption and a slate full of other charges feel right now. I would imagine, such activity is not unheard of in their a society, but I will guarantee you that that type of blatant fraud and corruption is MUCH less likely to proliferate there, because of the fact that capitol punishment like cutting off your hands and execution is on the table. Maybe, just maybe, we should take a page from Iran's playbook when it comes to subjects like this if that's what it takes to get integrity back into the American banking and political system.

The Citizen Journalist

Shining a bright light and razor sharp scrutiny on corrupt Politicians & Bankers is your OBLIGATION as a citizen in my opinion, but unfortunately not everyone agrees. American Media only asks softball questions, or pre-approved questions most of the time in toady's news. And any journalist that asks tough questions is ignored or simply not "Invited back" to press conferences with politicians. This softball tactic is what allows these types of politicians to get away with this type of activity. They simply never have to answer any questions so they continue to do what they do and get away with it. asking questions and getting ignored

Independent reporters such as the ones in the video above need to be the future of the press if we are to have any significant change in our society. Freedom of the press, Freedom of Speech and the Right to bear arms are the only cure to the corrupt politicians abusing the trust vested in them. Mass media news agencies are utterly infiltrated and controlled by the state at this point, and are doing us no good.

You have the right to investigate anything you feel isn't right, you don't need a badge to route out corruption. And if anyone says you don't, ask them if they have ever heard of the Freedom of Information Act? You have the right to speak about anything you feel isn't right via your First Amendment, just remember, no one has to listen. And you have the right to defend yourself from anyone that trys to stop you from enforcing those rights to investigate and speak about what you want and believe in (See the Second Amendment & Castle Doctrine for proof). No one can to remove those rights from you. Period! They are "Natural Rights", not "Legal Rights" Why do you think they're trying to remove your gun rights at every turn? Simple, it's because once you are disarmed, you must submit to whatever they say, and they know it. This is why they must never be allowed to restrict your gun rights in any capacity, and is also why there is such an uproar over illegal gun control legislation that these snakes are trying to push on you over and over and over.

Big Brother

As you've probably guessed, I am not a supporter of Obamacare. And a recent article from the Wall Street Journal should make everyone worried. Consider this, Obamacare makes insurance "Compulsory". This means you have no choice but to buy it. That being said, Insurance companies are thought to be buying lists of your food purchases from grocery stores you shop at every single day. How are they doing this? Simple, they are tracking your Loyalty Card and recording everything you buy, and how often you are buying it. Many people think that such lists will be used to increase your "Compulsory" insurance rates, as It works perfectly to line the pockets of insurance companies who know Obamacare is their golden goose.

Mark Dice Explains how Insurance Companies Can Increase
your Insurance Rates by Tracking your Spending Habits

Now, I am keenly aware that not everyone will agree with Mark Dice, and that is your right, but let me ask you a question... Is it so far out there to think that an insurance company could put together a spreadsheet, and try to figure out how to make the most profit (Because that's what companies do) from each policy holder? And would it be even more strange to think that they would try to figure out what the liability for each policy holder is?

What if they came to the conclusion many doctors have? You are what you eat. Is it also so far out there to think that when the insurance company contacts your local grocery store (Who is probably in need of cash) and offers them cash for shopping lists, that they wouldn't pony up those lists without hesitation? Then to end this illustration of how your personal information can be used against you, is it really so far out in left field to think that they wouldn't use that information to complete their spreadsheet to learn what makes the policy holders at "Higher Risk" so they can increase the rates of those customers so they can pad their bank accounts with compulsory payments from a subdued client base?

And Lastly, is it so hard to believe that sometime, way off in the future, that if a company such as your grocery store was paid NOT to sell you "Ice Cream" or "Cigarettes" by those Insurance Companies (Either directly or indirectly through policy discounts or other financial vehicles), because it puts you in a High Risk Category, that those grocery stores wouldn't take the cash and subdue your right to free choice as a consumer under the facade that they are doing you some kind of favor? Can you imagine the tree hugging, fascistic, liberal & orgasmic glee those bastards would get from the control they could assert on you? All while making a profit? Now that's something for you to think about.

Also, I encourage you to watch the video below, it's Katherine Albrecht (A privacy Advocate & Radio Host) speaking on Infowars recently about this very subject, and she brings up these points in a clear and concise manner that you may find interesting & informative.

Katherine Albrecht - Speaking Against Customer Loyalty Card Tracking Your Spending

It seems that also seems to think such a thing is happening and they reported on it recently as well. Mike Adams, the sites owner, has put together a list of damning opinions to galvanize his case against insurance companies he believes are attempting to gather this data in an attempt to do exactly what I have illustrated above. Fascism is everywhere, and it's hooks are sinking into every facet of American culture, from your grocery store, to your politics.

How to Fight Back

The best pieces of advice I have heard to "Combat" the problem of the growing infiltration of your privacy, are simple ones... use cash & don't give your real name or information to these companies if you do choose to get one of these Loyalty Cards. Use an Alias. Put in the name Mary J. Freedom, or Bob T. Patriot. Use the system they created against them. There is no law that says you have to put your real name or info on those loyalty cards, and even if there was, you now know what such things can be used against you.

If  you think such resistance to government intervention into your life isn't already happening, your dead wrong. Let me tell you about Derek Bovard. He's using the Guerrilla tactics I mentioned the necessity for previously & recently purchased, in direct retaliation to Barack Obama's site. After he purchased the .net version of Obama's liberal nesting place, he redirected it to

In reaction to Mr. Bovards glorious ribbing of this Liberal group, many patriotic Americans have come forward to salute him for his actions (And I do too). Of those who congratulated Mr. Bovard for his Direct Retaliation to Obama's mouthpiece organization, include the Chicks on the Right, yeah, the same Chicks on the Right that Facebook threatened to shut down their page. It's good to know Conservative women still exist in these perilous times for American Freedom.

Daisy & Mockerena from Chicks on the - Conservative Women Supporting Derek Bovard redirecting to

Mr. Obama's site, according to Obama himself, is for a group to "Change Washington from the Outside", and run by Former Obama Advisers, and chaired by Jim Messina. Remember, Mr. Messina is the guy who negotiated the backdoor bailout with the pharmaceutical companies to protect their profits. He was Obama's Deputy Chief of Staff and he got the Nickname "The Fixer" for his exploits while covering Obama's ass when things got tough. His former boss is Rahm Emanuel, you know, the one that is quoted as saying "You Never Want a Serious Crisis to Go To Waste" indicates that his tactics are Chicago style mafia politics, of which, everyone thinks are corrupt in the first place.

Rahm Emanuel on the Opportunities of Crisis
"You Never Want a Serious Crisis to Go To Waste"

If Mr. Emanuel's leadership has bled off to Mr. Messina, and it is not a stretch to think such a thing is exactly the case, then Chicago Style Mafia Politics are now Trickling Down into Organizations that support Obama's Socialist Doctrine and doesn't need any more help infiltrating the political system in America anymore because it IS the political system now. If you are Conservative, you need to come to terms with that, and be prepared to fight it with same guerrilla tactics that it used to creep its way into power if you plan on winning back your freedoms.

Liberalism crept into Washington, slowly, methodically and with almost no problem thanks to men like these, and now, it is proliferating and filtering down into the organizations that make policy that effects your local communities. Being aware of people like Mr. Messina is critical in stopping the Socialist agenda that has entrenched itself in American Society in my opinion.

In retaliation to these governmental Snakes, you must be able to stand your ground. Fighting against such men, and women  who spread this liberal scourge in today's society takes some finesse, courage, and some wit. You must be able to connect the dots, build an undeniable case against such leeches & undermine the foundations of how these serpents utilize, procure and distribute illegal funds so they can't use them against you. The recent reaction to gun control by gun manufactures threatening to move their businesses to more gun friendly states and refusing to sell firearms to governments with strict gun control laws is a great example of how to do this.

Who's Protecting You?

Luis Brandeis was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court from 1916-1939. He spent his life fighting against the invasion of your privacy, and systems like the Federal Reserve by suggesting ways to curb their ever expanding power. He even wrote a book called "Other People's Money and How the Bankers use it" in 1914, in an effort to educate the populace on what was being done to them. This was 99 years ago, imagine what has been done to your personal rights and the economic sovereignty of your nation in that time.

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant" - Louis Brandeis
From Chapter 5 of "What Publicity Can Do"

I have babbled enough, and there is sufficient information here to dig yourself into a rabbit hole you may never come out of, but you should be informed when you are being manipulated and you are most certainly being manipulated by Fascist, Communist and Liberal ideologies that would happily see you disarmed, compliant and docile. They want your guns, your money, your property and your freedoms so they can mold you into the perfect profit machine called "Human Capital". Hopefully, some of the things I have put in front of you here gives you a different perspective and lets you see what is going on because I am positive you don't think of yourself as cattle, because that is exactly what they think you are.

And to close this article, I will give you another quote from Mr. Brandeis so as to keep the same train of thought. This is one that you should take to heart and think on for a while. Because many in this country think that someday, someone else will come save them or correct this corrupt and insidious government so they stay neutral. They sit back and watch, and they do nothing, hoping that someone will stand up for them and their so called rights. And to this, Mr. Brandeis said the following...

"Neutrality is at times, a Graver Sin than Belligerence." - Luis Brandeis

You can take that quote to mean whatever you think you want to. But to me, it means you are as culpable as the persons taking your rights away from you if all you do is sit there and take it. Don't let them take your guns, don't let them take your rights, and don't let them sit there and beat on you. Because if you were being beat up, you sure as hell wouldn't sit there and let it happen. And if you did, you deserve what you get. You get the Government you're willing to put up with.

With that being said, I hope to bring you some more of my insights next time. Thanks for dropping by, and please share this with anyone that you feel will benefit from it.

Audio to this Article Can be Found Here:

"Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism" - Thomas Jefferson


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