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Jan 29, 2013

Hypocrisy & Hope


    As in previous articles, my goal is to spotlight what I consider "Problems" within American society today. In this article the word problem is synonymous with hypocrisy. Let me point out just a few examples first off...

1. How about Mayor Bloomberg Dodging questions about his retention of firearms (And the harassing of reporter who ask the questions.)? Not to mention the Exempting of Govt Officials from carrying firearms. It's OK for THEM to have weapons, just not you. Does this sound remotely fair to you? - Harassed by Mayor Bloomberg's Security Detail

2. Why is it that you need an ID & background check to buy a gun, but not to Vote? Can someone PLEASE explain that to me?

Imagine if we had background checks for voters at voting time, I'd be fairly certain Obama wouldn't have won the last election. Specifically, because it's inconceivable that he won 99% of the vote in 100 Ohio counties. Election Fraud is a longstanding American tradition at this point, and if you think it isn't you are living in a fairy tale friend.

3. If "Assault Weapons" are so bad, why is the Govt, specifically DHS, buying 7,000 of them for "Personal Defense"? This is suspicious as hell, because of the dozens of  reports of DHS stockpiling tons of "Hollow Point" Ammo over the last year, and that's just the ammo that we know about. Imagine the Ammo we DON'T know about? Now ask yourself... "WHY does a domestic law enforcement agency need that much ammo?"

4. Are you aware that Rich Americans are leaving tax heavy states for less tax heavy states? Phil Mickelson & Tiger woods are only recent examples. There are even reports of Tina Turner finalizing her Swiss citizenship, I assume your imagination can do the rest as it pertains to why she did such a thing. The rich are leaving areas, some even leaving the country due to increased tax burden, and it's time that YOU think about doing the same.

5. Can you explain how Liberals can put together a Gun Control bill in few days, but they haven't come up with a budget in over 4 years. Is this what YOU call effective?

Why do we put up with this Hypocrisy?

If you weren't aware, America was founded by people leaving oppressive despotism, burdensome taxes & lack of freedom to worship as they saw fit. They grew tired of Tyrants telling them what they could say and who they could say it to. The shot heard 'round the world was a pivotal moment for mankind as a whole. Common men and women had stood up to tyranny in the past but this was one of the first moments when citizens openly knew, it was their obligation to defend against oppressive governments.

Senator Diane Feinstein talked about Gun Rights in her speech last week. But if you paid particular attention to the speech, you noticed something strange, something microscopic, something... sinister. These silver tongued devils called liberals use words to obfuscate their true intentions. And if you listened to her speech you will notice she used the term "Legal" gun rights. This simple, short and seemingly innocent word went almost unnoticed, but it was intentional. Now I have a question for you... What are "Illegal Gun Rights"?

AMTV - Opinion of Diane Feinstein's Gun Control Speech

How is it that this Sinister, Liberal, and evil witch can assume the right to tell YOU what your "Rights" are? She goes around, making speeches telling you about what HER goals are, and how everyone "Needs" gun control. Never once does she explain how she retains the ability to tell you what your rights are. She never once explains how she can assert the right to take those rights from you to anyone within the sound of her voice. Here's a secret she doesn't want you to know... she can't, she doesn't have that power because YOU didn't grant it to her. She somehow assumes she has this power, and I have a little quote from my Marine Corps Drill Instructors that has stuck with since boot camp...

"Assumptions are the MOTHER of all F*** ups!" - USMC Drill Instructor

Your rights are on a piece of paper called the bill of rights. Furthermore, the Bill of Rights is ONLY a piece of paper. It acts as a reminder to what we all retain innately from a higher, some would call it a divine power. You can call that power whatever you want. Hell, go pray to Big Bird or Oscar the grouch if you want.... it makes no difference. The fact remains, no Person, State or Govt can take those rights away.

You need to understand that you have "Natural Rights", and these rights preempt legal rights as Thomas Paine explained VERY clearly in his his book "The Rights of Man" in the late 1700's. The 2nd Amendment was written very clearly, "The Right to Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed". She is ignoring this on purpose, which is a slap in the face to the principals this nation was founded on. It is Treason, period, and the first Senator, or Congressman that has one of these liberals arrested on these grounds, would be heralded as a national hero IMHO. Can you say "fast track to the White House"?

More Govt Control?

As I have clearly defined in past articles, Govt is about "Control", and nothing more. Govt is a beast and this beasts ONLY goal is to control you, and everything around you. Whatever they can't control, they ban. Restrictions on Light bulbs & Cigarettes are just the beginning. Bans on Soft Drinks, Internet Gambling, Raw Milk, and even Feeding Homeless People are more proof of this. Your own Govt is seemingly, consciously aware of it's own mortality, and has enacted safeguards to make sure that it survives so it can continue to control you no matter what. This safeguard is called the "Continuity of Govt" plan.

Richard Clark Discusses Continuity of Govt Plan - 2000

We are stuck with Govt, or order is some form no matter what. If the world fell apart tomorrow, we would have families that would lead communities, and communities that would lead cities, and so on, and so on. The Internet is full of people declaring that we end the Government. Ending Govt will solve nothing. I do not subscribe to the typical anarchist theology. It is flawed, and human nature proves that. Anarchy is what we as a culture should try and avoid at all costs. Anarchy leads to wasted time, resources and the loss of human life in most cases. Such an ending would be unfortunate for all parties involved.

The only time I would subscribe to any anarchy, would be in the pursuit of more liberty. That would be a cost worth paying. And many now days agree that we have reached such a point. I must point out, our founding fathers probably would have already been on government capitol lawns with shotguns by now. Today's society just sits and accepts this oppressive, fascist, dictators edicts, hoping someone will come and save us. No matter how gung-ho, Rambo you think you are, we as a culture are tame, some would even say docile compared to the founders of this nation.

Until someone has the Military like bearing to stand up and assert their will upon this Regime currently in power, until you have show the backbone our founders did, you can't sit there and claim how patriotic you are, and neither can I. But it helps to know who to look up to as an example, and we all should look up to the fearless men and woman who founded this nation, not for who they are, but how they acted in the face of near certain demise. Then ask yourself, "when is it OK to overthrow the Govt?" And is it the right move?

Is Distrust of Govt Bad?

Most Independents have a healthy distrust of Govt, and that is good. it means they won't fall for everything they are fed by the MSM or Dishonest politicians who have lobbyists stuck to their legs like leeches, pushing corporate agendas that aren't beneficial to any of us. Citizens distrustful of Government see things normal Americans don't, and such thing helps us retain our liberties more often than not to the liberal agenda scathing our nation. Such vision should be applauded, but rarely is. In fact most propaganda encourages people to think of these citizens as "Crazy" or even "Unstable".

 Most people teach their children not to believe everything they see or hear. It's human nature to distrust things. If someone calls me paranoid, I just smile and say thanks.

"Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't after you." - Joseph Heller

As stated before, distrust of Govt is openly mocked by the MSM as "Aberrant" and sometimes even a "Disease". Web MD classifies this as a Mental-Health Disorder called "Paranoid Personality Disorder". They plan on using these terms and diagnosis's against you to advance their agenda even further down the road to Communism. Obamacare, combined with current legislation, like Diane Feinstein's Draconian gun control bill, would work in tandem, joined at the hip, to restrict or outright steal your ability to own firearms. Due to this propaganda from the powers that be, most people see distrust of govt, as a bad thing.

The Communists like Feinstein, Obama & other prominent Liberals want ram the glorious Fiction that Guns are somehow bad for America, down your throat. They would claim that your guns could get up, walk over, and shoot you, and your family in the head while you are sleeping if they thought you were dumb enough to fall for it. Your ability to fend off these attacks on your intelligence depend on your ability to ask questions & not trust everything you hear from these liberals using media against you.

Why won't the liberals talk abut Mental Health?

The liberals want to blame everything on guns right now. It's their platform and it's the train they plan on riding to victory. They give lectures instead of open debates. They have goals, not opinions. They want compliance, not fairness. The whole objective of the gun control issue is simply control. This issue of control is paramount to them because it's what the goal of governments are, and without govt being in charge of everything, communists have no power.

Mental Health, specifically drugs administered to patients diagnosed with mental health problems, hasn't been accepted or involved in ANY discussions with liberals that I know of. This is because they know the real problem behind these mass shootings we continue to see, are the drugs. SSRI drugs are so widely distributed throughout our society, they are readily available to almost anyone. Some of the side effects and adverse reactions are the following...

SSRI Drug Side Effects

1. Apathy (Lack of purpose or caring, leading to further depression)
2. Fatigue (This can lead to poor decision making ability, depression and other neurological disorders)
3. Insomnia (Increased Risk of Anxiety Disorder, and other problems up to and including Schizophrenia)
4. Increased Depression, which leads to Panic Attacks (Making them unstable for society)
5. Mania & other Psychotic Disorders (Also known as Psychosis)
6. Akathisia (The inability to sit still, aggravated ADHD Symptoms)
7. Renal Impairment (Kidney Failure, Look for Yellow Eyes)
8. Vomiting, Dehydration, Diarrhea, Nausea
9. Thoughts of Suicide, or other forms of Self Punishment (Cutting, Burning or hitting themselves - Look for Marks, bruises or other outward signs.)
10. Photosensitivity (Sensitivity to Light - Look for sun glasses)
11. Parasthesia (Feeling of pins and needles on the skin - Watch for the subject to scratch themselves)
12. Dissociative Disorders & Cognitive Disorders (They distance themselves from Social groups, and are unable to make rational decisions and can even display outwards signs of Dementia & even Delirium)
13. Higher risk of Suicide in Children & Adolescents

Of 74 studies registered with the FDA on these types of drugs, 37 were recorded with Positive results in Academic Journals, while 22 studies with negative results were NOT published. 11 More showed negative results again and were published in a way that conveyed a positive outcome. (This implies that pharmaceutical lobbyists, lawyers and big pharma strong armed the FDA to get the results they wanted so the drugs could be FDA Approved and sold to unsuspecting citizens.) This implies criminal intent, period. Yet, no one is accountable for this travesty.

Now, I am no expert, but what I can say is that if you are a doctor, and you prescribe SSRI's to ANYONE you could be doing more harm than good. And for the left to simply ignore SSRI's and Mental Disorders all together, and instead blame the guns for the problem, it's tantamount to ignoring the problem all together. There are even lists online to verify the validity of this argument, but no Liberal wants to have that put into ANY discussion, because this isn't about guns, it's just about control.

Liberals will keep attacking from every direction possible, until they can't get your guns (which it looks like they are starting to realize they can't get the votes necessary to achieve). They will try to tax your gun rights out of existence, or even push magazine bans (Which John McCain openly states won't do anything to solve the problem). They will push limits to online ammunition sales or even feature restrictions, which we all know doesn't effect the performance of the weapon in ANY way what so ever. A firearms effectiveness is based on Ballistics, not external, ergonomic features. Using their logic, a Corvette with a 4 cylinder would be just as fast as one with an 8 cylinder, and we all know that is a thought that would make Dale Earnhardt turn in his grave.

Even their gun buyback programs aren't working, as they have recently run out of money in some areas. There are so many guns in America, that they simply can't get them all even if they tried. In many cases these Gun Buyback programs are ineffective anyways because people simply get rid of old and inoperable weapons, and take the money to go buy new more advanced firearms. Gun Control Doesn't work, all it does is create black markets and send overt demand to covert markets

Josh Tolley - Pro-Gun Talk Show Host

Senator Feinstein's bill would also enact a $200 tax on all grandfathered firearms, how is that fair? Those firearm owners already OWN that object. They already paid a tax at the time of its purchase. This is double dipping by the Govt. It is outright extortion from honest, law abiding gun owners. Feinstein's bill would furthermore prohibit the transfer of firearms, and FORCE all grandfathered firearms to be forfeited to the Govt upon death of the owner. Let me be clear... this IS Gun Confiscation from future generations, PERIOD!

When do we start asking the hard questions?

Ken Huber of Tawas City recently wrote an Article called "What has America Become". This article asks some hammering questions, questions that NEED to answered and quickly. His questions hit the heart of the matter and you will never get an answer from a politician on anything like this because they might alienate some of their voters. This "Make everyone Happy" attitude is driving serious wedges into every segment of American society today.

You as a free thinking human being need to look inward, recalibrate your moral compass and start steering away from this despotism, idiocy and oppressive crap we as a society currently put up with. You need to start seeing things from a different perspective.

What kind of perspective?

In closing, (And I apologise for showing my geekdom here, and possibly invalidating everything I've said, but I think it is relevant) The character of James T. Kirk, from the Star Trek series created by Gene Roddenberry is widely considered a cultural icon. Not because of his surreal pausing of sentences, or because of his ravaging of alien women in stories of galaxies far away. No, this character is considered a cultural icon for what he stands for... a person who beats the odds, every time. We as a society haven't had something like that in a long time. I bring this up because of a quote that was said by this character that has stuck by me since I was a child, and I hope it brings things into focus for you...

"I don't believe in the no win scenario." - Capt. James T. Kirk (Star Trek)
From the Kobayashi Maru Test (A No Win Scenario)

I use this example because of the mention of Mr. Heller previously in this article. His Novel "Catch-22" was about a "No Win Scenario". Kirks character represents the antithesis of this novels subject matter. He is resourceful, smart and capable, all things despots, tyrants and liberals hate to deal with. Start thinking in these terms. Prevent the the liberal agenda from steamrolling you. Start FINDING a way to MAKE the system listen to you. To many people have just given up, they just go along to get along because they feel they have no voice. This simple quote might be the one that drives someones perception of reality away from feeling helpless.

Thanks for reading, keep checking in and keep sharing my material if you agree with me.

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"Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism" - Thomas Jefferson


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