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Dec 31, 2012

Honor, Courage & Commitment...


  As the inaugural post to this blogs views on the happenings in the world today, I want to say I write from the vantage of a person that is finished playing the Banks games, the Govt's games, the Corporate games and the Mass Media's games. I have opted out. The majority of Americans have simply lost or stopped using their critical thinking skills in my personal opinion, and they need to be woken up. (See here for details)

Since 9/11 we have been fed stories of heroism & how much we "NEED" protection from the boogie man called "Terrorists". To make matters worse, if you don't agree with the Govt's/MSM's fictional story/position/agenda driven media then YOU must be a terrorist. Recently, citizens have even been threatened with prosecution for simply asking questions or using those critical thinking skills I talk about above. (See here for more Details)

For those of you that haven't been paying attention, we have lost so many rights, and had so many liberties stolen from us due to lobbyists and special interest groups that you are no longer represented in any significant way. Many even think the Republic itself is beyond repair. But this makes you have the advantage because you are now the most dangerous kind of citizen... the kind with nothing to lose.

Your govt is now crawling with socialists, collectivists and many would say outright communists that think you are nothing more than cattle. Your airports have been filled with TSA agents who now have the authority to grope you, your wife, your kids, friends and family & will detain you if you even show a little "Attitude". Your President "ORDERS" pay raises for federal workers & the Vice president, while increasing your taxes through regulation and Obamacare.. Who gave them this authority? YOU DID! If this is the first time you are realizing any of this and you ask "How is this legal?!!" Remember one thing...

"...Everything Hitler did in Germany was Legal" - Martin Luther King

Your Highways are now being targeted with D.H.S. Viper teams and they are spreading. Your public transportation isn't safe either.  D.H.S. is currently putting microphones on public buses so they can listen in on you while you make your way to your pathetically underpaid jobs due to your manufacturing base being undermined & shipped overseas to cheaper, child filled sweatshops all for the convenience of saving a few cents on the items you buy every single day.

I mention all of this as the preface because it's all the symptom of a larger more problematic issue, a lack of morals, integrity and courage. In the weeks following the Newtown Shootings (Our sympathies to those families who lost a child) the American people have been bombarded with stories of how an inanimate object is somehow at fault for this tragedy. First let me point a few things out...

1. Never in human history has an inanimate object ever been convicted of a crime

2. It's somehow OK for the liberals to stand over the bodies of dead children who's bodies weren't even cold and proclaim that all guns are evil to advance their agendas, but if gun owners say ANYTHING in defense of our rights we are somehow perceived as violent gun nuts hell bent on killing little kids due to political correctness.... I will address that later in this post.

3Over the last 30 years lightning has killed on average 62 people per year in the US and injures 400 more. Taking that into account, in 2006-2007 there were 63 mass shooting victims, while in 2009-2010 there were only 33 victims (The lowest in 2 decades).

I could elaborate on #3 much more, using cars, knives & even pencils... but liberals are deaf to numbers. They have agendas and God forbid something gets in front of those agendas. Get this straight... you are more likely to get hit by lightning in the middle of perfectly cloudless day than to be a victim of a mass shooting.

Political Correctness has made you think it's somehow bad or somehow immoral to speak out against ANYTHING! Political Correctness is "The Revenge of Marxism". It's the festering boil on the face of our democracy that has turned to stage 3 terminal cancer.

Why am I saying all of this?

In the last few weeks, we have experienced a few things that have given opportunistic and aggressive liberals the chance to do what they have wanted for years.... to disarm the general public. The spearhead to this assault on your personal liberties is none other than Dianne Feinstein (@SenFeinstein on Twitter). Read below to read what the NRA has said on this issue...

This treasonous, gun grabbing, liberal, agenda-driven witch has made it her life's work to progress this liberal and totalitarian program. She herself allegedly has a Conceal & Carry permit and is protected by 5 armed guards. To top it off, she even melted her gun (One of many we can assume) and gave it to the pope as some symbolic gesture to advance her personal war on disarming YOU! This woman is the most absurd & hypocritical piece of trash to appear on the political scene in many years.

Facebook has within the last 48 hours began purging pro-gun pages, and accounts of people taking a pro-gun stance on issues directly assaulting the first amendment and openly attempting revisionist history tactics that even Hitler, Stalin, or Mao would have been proud of. Due to this, I have made this blog to prepare for "when" they begin purging my own Facebook page.

Why did I call this post Honor, Courage & Commitment?

I myself am a former U.S. Marine. I personally refused the Anthrax Vaccinations facing prison time among other things in the late 90's and early 00's. This ultimately lead to me leaving the Marines and moving on to Civilian life. I left with a severe feeling of guilt because I felt duty bound to serve my country, but was now outcast with no clear path to follow because of my moral dilemma.

In fact many officers simply took early retirement to avoid such a fate, while enlisted were NJP'd & made an example out of. Even more good officers were forced into early retirement when they had many years of service left in them. A huge loss to this country in experience, motivation and manpower in my personal opinion.

I say all of the above because I want you to know I speak as a Former Marine with Honorable standing, and verifiable backbone to stand up against a system that I knew I had absolutely no chance of winning against, but I said "NO" loud and clear despite knowing I was sealing my fate.

Today I saw something that made me see a glimmer of hope for our train wreck of a nation...

This post Via Michael Savage's Facebook Page...

This single, solitary Marine did something that was sorely needed. He single handedly gave pro-gun advocates a unadulterated political win. He is the epitome of courageous & let me explain why...

This Marine will be punished (He should be promoted immediately) & he knew he would be. His unit & his family will suffer for his political views and his scathing repudiation to Senator Feinstein's gun grabbing totalitarian viewpoints of which President Obama has openly said he agrees with. This in itself is humorous because this seem to take priority over the fiscal sanity of our own country. He has the time to try and take your guns hand in hand with Senator Feinstein, but doesn't have the time to deal with the 16 BILLION dollar federal defecit he has markedly made his shining achievement because in the end... YOU pay for it.

Mr. Boston has fallen on his sword (Or M4 in this case) for YOUR rights. His personal martyrdom is a win win because if they punish him, it proves the anti-gun's agenda has no bounds. If they do not punish him, he is a rallying call for simple men and women to stand up and pointedly declare what Charlton Heston said in 5 simple words.... "From my cold, dead, HANDS!"

We as a nation need to come together & make gun grabbing liberal ideas so toxic that your politicians treat anyone that mentions it like a rattlesnake and immeadiatly run the opposite direction. Democrats are quick to forget how quickly everyone turned on Mr. Clinton when he tried this same crap back in 94.

The right to bear arms is an issue everyone can rally around. This single solitary issue defines us a culture, and a society. It was our beginning, and without it, it will be our end. Deal with these liberals head on. It's far to late to give a damn what someone thinks of you for simply expressing your feelings on this issue. Gun sales are up significantly, over 16.8 Million sold this year alone... so don't worry, you are not alone!

I thank you for taking the time to read this inaugural post, and more will be coming as I plan on giving the perspective from the working man on these corrupt, insidious and unacceptable politicians, bankers and companies that have infested this country.

I leave you with this final image... enjoy...

"Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism" - Thomas Jefferson


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